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Multiply Your Income

"The poor and middle class work for money.  The rich have money work for them" - Robert Kiyosaki


There is Risk in Everything

Its true, investing takes courage, but relying on your job as your only source of income can also be risky.  Investing will reduce your dependency over a job and give you more freedom and control over your life and your work. So, do you want to continue working for money, or do you want to start having money work for you?

Whats the difference between the poor, middle class, and the rich class?


The poor only buy liabilities.

The middle class buys liabilities that they think are assets.

The rich only buy assets.

When I started investing I had very little idea about what I was doing. I opened an IRA and put money into it every month.  After 10 years I saw that my money had grown, and after I did the math I learned what my returns were.  Then I wondered if that was really the best strategy to invest for my future and if there were better opportunities to make my money grow.  After all, I have money, but Im not allowed to use it until I’m 60, that’s a long time from now.  


I started to research professional investors that have created an abundance of wealth, and there was a common theme. 

  1. They acquire assets, not liabilities.

  2. They never lose money.

  3. They generate multiple streams of income, passive income.


This lead to me to learn more about the importance of passive income.  And the vehicle of investment that many of the rich invest in is architecture, but they call it real estate.  This is the world we live in, except architects are involved as a service within the industry and the investors use architecture as a product.  How do they use architecture as a product?  They own the architecture!

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