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Managing Your Expenses


First Step in Solving Any Problem is Recognizing That There is One.

All of us have expenses, the problem is when we don't know what they are. 

As we get older we start to lose track of where our money is actually going.  Calculate the baseline of expenses compared to your income by setting up systems to manage your bank accounts using website services like mint that can help manage and track all your accounts in one place.  Mint lets you sync your checking, savings, credit cards, loans, and investment accounts.  Also, it will automatically set categories that you can customize so you know how much you're spending on things like food, bars, gas, etc.

"You can't manage what you don't measure"

Look for subscriptions that you may not be using anymore (magazines you don't read or services you don't use).  These repeating purchases can be used towards money that you will move into a savings account every month.

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